Cultura Cafetera



In order to value the coffee quality it's necessary that sight, smell and taste take part in the process. This sense must intervene in the right order, because we have to look at its colour first, then smell the aroma, and finally drink it.

Analyzing the firs step, one of the most used judgement to evaluate if the coffee is well made is its appearance.  And inside this appearance the coffee cream is the essential factor. The cream is considered well made when it is compact, uniform and hazelnut brown coloured. If the colour is too dark or too light, that's because the coffee has been too much extracted, or not enough. 

There are several factors that have influence in making a good coffee cream, and they all have their imporance in the final result: from the coffee machine until the grinder, or the used coffee quality. Anyone of these factors could spoil the cream, and that's why, if you may needed, the Cafés Batalla Commercial Suport Staff offers any kind of help in this situation.

You may know as well than if you are using Robusta coffee, the resultant coffee cream is going to be darker, but bitter and less aromatic. If you use Arábica coffee you are going to obtain and excellent cream, but with better characteristics. 

Know too that an excessive temperature or water pressure will spoil the cream, besides making a watery coffee and really bitter.